Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Patrick Willis Day and a Pot of God

Yesterday I was reading the history of St. Patrick's Day to my class. We discussed how St. Patrick ministered to others and organized many churches and was a saint-a good man. We discussed all the things we see and talk about at St. Patrick's Day-the shamrocks, Ireland, green, leprechauns, pots of gold, etc. After reading I decided to quiz the class on what we had learned to see who was listening and paying attention. I asked who was St. Patrick hoping to get the answer of he was a saint or a good man. Instead one of my sweeties said very excitedly "Patrick Willis" lol! For those few who don't know who Patrick Willis is he is our local young man who has made a name for himself as a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. :) I explained that Patrick Willis was a good man but St. Patrick's Day was not named after him! :)

Today our journal prompt was "At the end of the rainbow is a......" One little girl finished her sentence with a "pot of god." Now I know she was trying to spell gold because she drew a pot of gold but I think there is a pot of God at the end of the rainbow too!

My niece,Emma, who is the first of 6 grandchildren for my mom and my "first" niece, started her student teaching in first grade yesterday at the school I teach at, HPS, and the school that she and I both attended for primary school. I am so proud of Emma and excited that she is at our school! Maybe one day we will be like Kim and Megan of Kindergals. :)  www.kindergals.blogspot.com They are a very sweet mother/daughter Kindergarten team that I have met and love!

Spring Break is down to 8 days away....woo hoo!

My idea for today would be to sing, sing, sing in the classroom! I'm a huge Dr. Jean fan so I get lots of my song ideas from her. We sing songs for just about everything-joining at the mat, lining up, paying attention, writing names on paper,etc. Sometimes I just make up silly songs-the sillier the better!

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