Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back to School

Kara had a wonderful and memorable mission trip to Puerto Rico and is already looking into other mission opportunities in the coming year and years. She was very happy with her decision to go through Adventures in Mission. She is also very excited and a little nervous that we are on the countdown now until college move in day. I am really going to miss her but I am so happy for her and thankful for all of her accomplishments thus far. I know she will love college and her new friends that have yet to be made.
Marty and I enjoyed a couple of days away when we picked her up in Atlanta when she arrived home from Puerto Rico. After making sure the kids got where they needed to be for all their summer trips, it was nice to finally take a mini vacation ourselves.:)

Kirk has stayed very busy with work and did very well with his online Spanish course he took this summer. He is flying down to Orlando next week for a few days to visit with some of his friends he made their through the disney college program. Glad he is not driving as I would be concerned if he would come back or not since he loved the area so much.

Today was the first day of school and Kali started 7th grade. It didn't dawn on me until I went to take her first day picture that it was just her starting back. No one else in the picture.:( wow!

I met most of my kinder families last night at open house and all my sweeties this morning for the first day of school. I am so excited about this year! They are so sweet and as of now I only have 14 students. I have never had that low of a number in my class. I am looking forward to being able to meet their needs better with the low student teacher ratio.

Wishing everyone the best school year ever!

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