Monday, November 19, 2012

thankful tuesday

tomorrow we will celebrate our thanksgiving meal in our class thus the title of this post-thankful tuesday. the turkey is in the oven-no,i'm not crazy-i have a wonderful recipe of my aunt's that i use every year-if you want it just ask. :) ham is in the crockpot, sweet potato casserole, dressing, caramelized carrots all done-just need to heat up in the morning. all of the other side dishes are being brought in by some of the students' grandmas and  my mom and sister Jennifer(i don't call her an in law :). the kids are so excited about it! i am too!
even though this is just a two day week, we are still getting a lot of our common core standards covered in the classroom. we are just using lots of fun Thanksgiving activities to do them! i can't stand the thoughts of wasting these two days coloring, playing and watching tv. no way! i have to cover the some of the standards or i can't think straight or feel good about my teaching that day. i want the students to understand how the activities relate to our standards and learning.
i had several students out friday with a stomach bug and i'm praying it doesn't strike me or any of the rest of the class tonight or tomorrow. let's just get through tomorrow and then get home for the holidays! 
we made our blessings mix today ( a trail mix where each food item represents something and tells a story from the first Thanksgiving) and we will make our bead bracelets tomorrow that will tell the story of the first Thanksgiving. if you need info on these let me know.
to all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!
p.s. you may have noticed i changed the for to 4 in my blog title. this was an afterthought and i just got around to doing it.
my 3 kids-kirk,kara, and kali + my  1 kindergarten class of kiddos each year= 4 K's   :)

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