Sunday, August 18, 2013

I survived the first 10 days!

10 days down and 170 to go!!! Oh my. I don't recall ever keeping up with the days in and days left in the school year-at least not keeping up with them in my mind. Going from 16 students last year and a student teacher at the start of the school year spoiled me. This year I have 20 students and no student teacher so I am minus an extra set of hands. I know it will get better though and I will lose track of the days in my mind at least I hope!:) A fellow teacher said her mother in law referred to teaching and the school year to childbirth. You forget how exhausting it is at the beginning because the end is so rewarding and you see the result of your hard work and often long hours. I think that is a dog gone good comparison! I have a precious group of sweeties this year and I have already been blessed by each one of them. I just pray that I can break through some of their barriers and be a blessing and make a difference in their lives this year.
We are moving Kirk into University if Memphis this Thursday the 22nd. He is the first of our three K's to leave the nest. I will let you know how the moving day goes. Prayers appreciated!!!
Don't forget to go visit TPT today and tomorrow and take advantage of the sale. Enter BTS13 for the discount.
Have a wonderful week and a quote I saw this week that I would like to share: "Kids spell love T-I-M-E." Be sure to give your sweeties whether at home or school lots of Time!!!

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