Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kirk is going to Disney!!!!:)

Kirk got the email Monday morning Oct. 20 (the Monday after we got back from our Disney trip)that he was accepted into the Disney College Program! Woo hoo!!! We move him in February 2,2015 and he will live there until August. He is thrilled and we are all thrilled for him!!! His goal is to bust this semester wide open and then get ready for a magical but busy working time at Disney!!! He is taking a leave from his academic scholarship so he will have that waiting for him when he gets back. He will probably just end up with  1 or 2 college courses to take during his leave. The work schedule is so many hours that he doesn't want to overload. He will be classified as a college junior at the end of this semester. Many of you have asked me about the Disney college program. I suggest googling it. I do know that he found out 40,000 applied for the scholarship and only 3,000 were hired-2,000 at Disneyworld and 1,000 at Disneyland. :)
We survived Halloween week! Whew why is it that all holidays seem to go on for days and days....? I am so glad it was on a Friday this year though!!! We had trunk or treats at our church last Wed. Evening, the fall festival at school Thur. night, school parties on Friday and the trunk or treats before high school football game. It was also senior night so Marty and I got to escort our senior girl out on the field as AB club president. It was freezing!!!! So proud of Kara and all of her high school accomplishments. She is leaving this Thursday for a trip to Washington, D.C. for FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference. She is so excited and I'm so happy that she has had such wonderful opportunities through FBLA.
We squeezed in a weekend of camping week before last. It was very relaxing to get away and enjoy the cool nights sitting around the campfire. Now if we could just get back....
November is my favorite month of the year!!! I love Thanksgiving and all that goes along with it. I love cooking for our family add a dish meal on Thanksgiving night and I enjoy celebrating it with my class every year. I'm always exhausted when it's over but I do enjoy it so very much!!!
I had a wonderful phone call from my dear friend Alessia over the weekend. She's been one very busy lady and it was good to catch up with her. She is the one who convinced me to blog.:) be sure
and check her out at www.mrsalbanese'skindergarten.blogspot.com. She has some wonderful tpt creations that are a staple in my classroom. Hoping we get to meet up this summer in Vegas!!!
My sweeties are moving right along with their skills. I am very pleased with the progress they have made. They will benchmark them the 2nd week of December for Aimsweb. I hope they do as well when they are tested as they are doing for me now. :) I am also very pleased with their reading strategies that we have been working on.
Kali is staying busy with school and was excited to receive a purple ribbon in 4H on her speech on her career choice. :)
May you and yours enjoy a blessed and happy November!!!

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