Monday, November 10, 2014

"Miss Leigh Ann will you tie my shoes please?"

I picked up Kara at Nashville yesterday after her returning flight from D.C. She had a wonderful trip and made lots of memories. I am so thankful for the opportunities that FBLA has provided for Kirk and Kara over the last few years. They have attended several leadership conferences and have been able to enjoy some of the best cities in our nation and all that they have to offer. They have made lasting friendships and connections that they will treasure always and that may even open doors for them later in their lives.
Can you believe it-Thanksgiving is just a little over 2 weeks away?!!!!! I have lost count as to how many years I have cooked the Thanksgiving feast for my class but I'm going at it again this year. I just love doing it for my class!!!! I don't do it because I'm trying to do something that others may or may not do.I do it because I enjoy preparing the meal.  I do it because I want to do this for my students. I want them to see a turkey on a platter and a big feast and see what it's like to sit down together as our little class family for a meal. I was so blessed and am still blessed to have always had a big feast with my loved ones at Thanksgiving and at various times throughout the year. I know that for some of my sweeties it may be the only time that they have this kind of meal. Sad but next Friday we will be feasting in our classroom complete with our Indian attire. :)
One thing that Kara talked a lot about after her trip to D.C was the Holocaust Memorial Museum. She told of how the room with the 4,000 victims' shoes was heart wrenching. As she was telling me of it, it was like the Lord just bopped me on the head and made me realize how many times a day I am asked to tie shoes and sadly I often deny the request saying "ask a friend, you've been walking through the bathroom and your shoestrings are dirty, tuck them in, you need to learn to tie them, ask your parents to get you shoes will Velcro,etc." I am ashamed of myself. All I could think was what if the last request a child had of me was to please tie their shoes and I denied them? Just the thought of all those shoes of the holocaust victims stirred this in me. So from now on no matter when or where I will stop what I am doing and tie a child's shoes.
Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Our third grade put on a program this afternoon with veterans in attendance. Tomorrow our middle and high school will have their programs. Thank you to my hubby for his service and all of our men and women who serve and have served.
Blessings to all!!!

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