Thursday, August 14, 2014

First day

Today was it-the first day with all 17 of my smarties!!!! The day went really well and I didn't come home as tired I thought I would. :) I really do have a sweet class and I am looking forward to the school year ahead of us.
Kirk starts classes next week and has decided to commute this semester for the 3 days he has classes. He is also applying for the Disney scholarship program and we are all praying he will get accepted into that.
Kara has already hit the ground running with her senior year classes and extra activities. She is one busy girl as always.
Kali seems to be easing back into school without much pain.:) she is not having as much homework as the last two years and I am thankful for that.:) Her best friend since first grade is moving next week to Wisconsin  so they have been spending as much time as possible together. We are going to miss Faith so much. She and Kali are the kind of best friends that actually look alike. Even as her mom, I have to sometimes glance at them more than once to know which gal it is.:) Looks like we will be making a road trip to Wisconsin next summer or at least half way to swap out girls for the summer.
I hope all my teacher friends are having a great year!!!

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