Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's ok to stop and take the time to laugh...

It seems so odd that I've we've been in school for three weeks and other teacher/blogger friends are just now getting started. That's the south for you!!! Of course, that just means I'm 3 weeks closer to summer break.:)  I have a really sweet class and I have already gotten attached to them. They are so sweet and loving and are trying so hard to do all the things that we are supposed to get accomplished in a day. I always forget how hard and exhausting  the beginning of the year is for me and the students. Bless their little hearts!!!
My brother in law was licensed as a Baptist preacher this morning and we were blessed that all of my husbands side of the family was able to be in attendance along with my brother in law's family. Blessed to have such a wonderful family!!!
Kali's friend Faith and her family made their move to Wisconsin this week. We have shed lots and lots of tears and miss them terribly.:( praying that the girls stay close and get to visit soon...
A quick story to share that explains the title. One day this week something funny had happened and the kids just went on and on laughing about it. I finally said "ok that's enough it's time to get quiet". A little girl asked "why Miss Leigh Ann we're just laughing?" I honestly didn't have an answer for her but the truth is that I get so caught up sometimes in the stuff that I have to do that I forget that it's ok to take the time to stop and laugh. Thank you Lord for children who can put things in perspective when adults sometimes lose sight.:)

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