Thursday, August 28, 2014

The touch of a child...

Here we are with 18 days under our belt! Whew! Ok it's caught up with me I'm TIRED!!! I won't tell you what time I went to bed last night-I'll just blame it on the Benadryl that I took because I got stung 3 times by a wasp!!! Yikes!!! Looking forward to a 3 day weekend!!! I'm going to enjoy a Friday night at home with Elijah and Annalesa and whatever movie they want to watch.:)

Kirk is off and running this week with his classes and work. He has a phone interview Tuesday night for Disney program-woo hoo!! Prayers please!!! This is something he has wanted to do since he was little and we went to Disney and he heard about the program. :)

Kara is working parent/teacher conference tonight at school and in full gear for homecoming week next week. She is a Miss Huntingdon High School nominee and of course we are proud as we always are of her many accomplishments. Right after the homecoming parade and pep rally at the court square next Friday afternoon she and I will hit the road for a 3and a half hour drive to Cookeville, TN for her fall state FBLA officer retreat. Kirk will head up earlier that day as he is going to be leading some of the workshops.:)

Kali is adjusting to Faith being gone but it has been very difficult for all of us. I found myself today wanting to ask Kali to invite Faith over for the weekend. :( she was a constant at our house.

So about the title...for those of you that don't know I celebrated the end of the school year this past May by no not getting a tattoo BUT getting a cover up of a tattoo. Yes I said it!!! A TATTOO!!! Believe it or not I was young once :) and after a spring break trip to Panama City one spring break-4 of the 5 of us who went came back with a tattoo. Mine was on my ankle. It was the Greek letters for Phi Mu my beloved fraternity for women. After 25 years of covering it up when I first started teaching, people dropping their mouth when they saw it, or simply adults and children asking what it was I decided I had the nerve to get it covered up and I knew what I wanted it made into-a cross. I went by
myself the Saturday after the last day of school in May and had it done. YES IT HURT I almost passed out while having it done.

So yesterday 17 days into school and not one child has asked me about it. This is after sitting in front of the class reading books, talking, etc while wearing capris, dresses, and skirts that often expose my ankle -UNTIL yesterday and while outside at recess a child came up to me and without saying a word rubbed their hand across my ankle and cross tattoo. People this simple touch of a child was like the hand of Jesus going across my ankle. Each child is unique and special and I know in my heart this child was sent from heaven as one of his special angels. These are moments that remind me The Lord is always near. It sent chills down me. Thank you Lord for children-many who are angels among us. God Bless!!!

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