Saturday, February 16, 2013

He's taking chocolate!

Yesterday one of my little sweeties was doing a whole lot of talking. He likes to talk anyway but yesterday he was really at full speed. I knew that in the past his medicines for his allergies had made him hyper because his mom had discussed it with me and she even said she had noticed it at home. She actually decided to switch the medicines and it did help. I thought yesterday maybe he had an allergy flare up and I asked him if he was having to take some medicines for allergies that would make him over talkative. Before he could answer, another student said "no, he's taking chocolate!" I guess he knew we'd all had too much chocolate for Valentines Day!
My idea for today-use Deanna Jump's posters for Common Core Standards (visit her blog at -they are simply the best and the first purchase I ever made off of TPT!
Enjoy the long Presidents Day weekend!

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  1. Ha ha! Thanks for sharing a cute story - love what kinders say. Wish I had something to record them in those moments.

    Leslie - Teach