Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life is Love!

"Aren't they sweet?!" Our preacher always says that when all the children go up for Children's Sermon at church and it's so true. Children are just precious and so sweet-maybe that's where the saying comes from "I could just eat you up!" that we say to little sweet babies.
Valentine's Day in Kindergarten-What a Sweet Day!WOO HOO! This morning I was telling the students that to me everyday was a day of love and one of my little sweeties said "Life is Love!" From the mouth of babes. Life really is love-love is what created us-God's love and his love saved us through his son Jesus. We could not have life without his love! I am just in awe at how God can speak to me through his precious children. My own children have taught me so much about God's love and forgiveness. I often think God sent them to me to make me a better person and draw me closer to him.
Dr. Jean shared an idea at one of her seminars to use a can and cover with construction paper and glue googly eyes to it. Whenever a child says I can't, say you are an AmerICAN. It is your I (eye) can-get it? I use mine instead for when we are stating the focus standard for our lesson. I state the standard. Then the students recite with me "I can spell words phonetically or whatever standard we are focusing on for the day."
 I hope you have enjoyed a Happy Valentine's with all the sweeties in your life! My hubby grilled burgers for us tonight and even washed the dishes! It doesn't take much to keep me happy! :)       


  1. Hi Leigh Ann, I found you through my teaching partner Alessia, who always speaks about how sweet you are. So true about the little children. My mom (a retired K teacher) used to always tell her kids God holds you in the palm of his hand, to let them know how special and loved they were. Thanks for sharing the "I can" can idea. This sharing community is absolutely fabulous!

    Ann-Marie Parisi

  2. yes ann-marie i have seen your blog and heard alessia speak of you in hers! i really wish we had teaching partners like that. there are 6 of us teaching Kindergarten right now. alessia is a sweetheart and i know you must be too!!! i think i need to come to canada sometime to see you both! thank you for your sweet words!

  3. Wow, that is a big kindergarten division! Let us know if you visit Canada. It would be great to have some blogging buddies visit us way over here!