Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 weeks til Fall Break :)

As I sit here typing this, I must confess I have enjoyed a day of doing very little on this very rainy Sunday!!! Marty,Kirk and Kara went to Titans game and Kali had a birthday party this afternoon. Other than cooking breakfast, washing clothes, and taking her to and from party I did nothing except sip on coffee and watch Hallmark channel all day.:) i know i know i feel guilty that i didnt go to church. Hopefully it counts that I did watch it on TV. It was a nice weekend to spend with family. Kirk came home and it has been nice having all my chickadees here. I just wish the weekends didn't go so fast...
Parent teacher conferences went well and it was nice to get to see the parents/guardians again. I am looking forward to the coming month. I love autumn and everything that goes with it-the smells, the decorations, the campfires, the crock pot going with something warm and filling and of course the sweeties dressing up and trick or treating!
Most of all I am looking forward to fall break and enjoying some time with my own family. As much I love teaching, I never feel that I have enough time with my own family. I have to make myself not go to school and work and I usually only do if the kiddos are tied up with other activities.
I won a fall packet from Elizabeth at and also found some other cute fall things on tpt over the weekend! I met Elizabeth at I Teach K! this summer and she is a great teacher with great ideas!!!
Hoping all have a blessed week and hope that you too have a fall break to look forward to!!!

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