Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another week down and I'm home alone!

Wow! Why are 4 day work weeks sometimes the longest? Just kidding! It was a great week and I really feel that we are moving right along and making progress in class. My students have been working really hard and we are slowly but surely getting where we need to be behaviorally and academically. I am so proud of their hard work! I am enjoying their sweet smiles, generous hugs, and entertaining personalities for lack of a better word. They really are an amazing bunch of sweeties and I am enjoying watching them interact with each other. Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things they say! This past week I was trying to get out of them the word that means something is no longer around or doesn't exist anymore. I knew for sure one would say "extinct" but before they gave me that word one of my sweeties who is quite intelligent said "dead". For some reason, it struck me as quite funny because he was so matter of fact about it and he had a good point!
Kirk stayed at U of M this weekend to live it up at the first home football game!!! From the pics, I do believe he is embracing all that college has to offer and this makes me so happy for him. There is such a good feeling that comes with knowing your children are growing into young adults. As much as I sometimes would like to rewind back to the younger years, it is also a joyful time to see him succeeding at college and whatever he takes on. Thank you Lord for the blessing he is to us and for his sisters too!
Kara left Thursday for an FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) state officers meeting in Middle Tennessee. Marty left early this morning for his monthly weekend guard drill and then Kali headed over to a friend's house to spend the night. This means I am home alone just me and my doggies! I was hesitant to post that I am home alone but I seriously don't think anybody will be reading my blog that really will take an interest in the fact that I'm home alone.:)
I hope that all you teachers out there feel like you are finally starting to catch your breath after the start of a new school year. Until next time have a blessed week!!!

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