Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birthday weekend and Football-Tigers, Mustangs and Titans!!!

Oh my goodness! What a week and weekend!!! Sadly, my week started off on a sad note with the sudden passing of my cousin, Ronnie Espey. He was my daddy's first cousin and a very special man to all his friends and family. At the visitation, I was able to reconnect with many cousins I had not seen in years. It was a blessing to see them all just sad that it takes a death to get us together. In the busyness of our lives it seems families don't get together as often as we did when I was a little girl. We all agreed to try and see each other sooner than later! We are all very thankful for Facebook in that it allows us to at least be in touch via social media. :)
Marty and Kara went to Memphis yesterday to see Kirk and attend a University of Memphis football game. They had a good visit and I think Kirk enjoyed getting taken out to dinner.:) The Memphis Tigers won!
We had Kali's 11th birthday party/slumber party on Friday night. It rained cats and dogs but Kali insisted we set things up in the garage so we did. We had family over and 10 girls counting her. After we ate dinner and cake/ice cream the girls headed down to our camper. Marty ran electricity for them so they could hang out down there. The goal was for them to spend the night in the camper but it was a little too warm so they  crashed about 400 am Sat morning in the den. Whew!!! It was a fun and eventful night and let's just say I am thankful it is OVER!!!
Last night we went to our high school football game since it had been rescheduled due to the massive amount of rain we had on Friday. We took Elijah and Annalesa to the game since their daddy is a coach for the team we played against and their Mommy is the band director for our school. :) it was a lot of fun and our Mustangs won!
This morning Kali and I headed out to Nashville to watch the Tennessee Titans game at Nashville. Our little day trip on her birthday!!! The Titans won and it was a beautiful day!!!
So,last week was another wonderful week in Kindergarten!!! We spent a lot of time with the MAP testing and finishing up my assessments for Parent/Teacher conferences to be held tomorrow and Tuesday after school. Looking forward to seeing my sweeties' families. :)
Hope everyone has a blessed week!!!

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