Sunday, September 15, 2013

First six weeks is history!!!

The first six weeks of the 2013-14 year is history! Whew! Time is already moving fast! We celebrated two of my sweeties birthdays this week, had school pictures made and got to start checking out library books. :) Some of the barriers that the children had are slowly coming down and we are making head way with our letter naming, sounds and blending. Our behavior has really improved and I am very proud of my sweeties-I love them so much!!! I started using Megan Merrell's behavior plan last year and it made a major difference in my students behavior and therefore my classroom management. You can find the plan at and search behavior plan. It works if you are CONSISTENT with it so don't give up on it after a week or so if you have never used it before.
Kirk came home for the weekend and just left to go back tonight. We enjoyed getting to spend some time with him. There was a home football game Friday night and he got to meet up with some of his high school friends there and then go midnight bowling. He went to church with us this morning and just enjoyed sharing all his stories from college life.
Kara had a busy week at school and had her best time in the 5K this past Tuesday at our schools cross country meet. She started running earlier this year and it has become her favorite sport!
Kali enjoyed another busy week at school and I took her and her BFF Faith to the lake yesterday to spend the day. They enjoyed the fun island with the blow up slides, trampolines, and the launcher where they jumped and launched each other into the water.:) They had a blast and I just enjoyed soaking up some rays! Last night she and Faith went with her mom and sister to see a scary movie. Kali likes that kind of stuff. Not me!!! Anyway she said it wasn't that scary and she didn't have nightmares! Lol
We took Eliajh to the ball game Friday night and stayed through halftime. My cousin, Guian, kept his little sissy Annalesa and then we picked her up after game. We love them so much and we are looking forward to next weekend with them. Our home team plays our neighboring county schools' team (West Carroll)that their Daddy coaches for so we will be running back and forth on both sides of the stadium since their mommy is the band director for Huntingdon. Kali is also having her 11th birthday slumber party that night also! Fun times!!!
 Tomorrow is Staff Development day so no students just teachers. Have a blessed week!!!

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  1. Hi Leigh Ann. You made it! The first few weeks feel like a marathon and no one understands until they have done it. I am so glad you survived and now you can move forward with your class and have a great year!
    Miss you,