Monday, June 24, 2013

woo hoo!!! I will be there this time in 3 weeks at I Teach K! in Las Vegas!!! This will be my 3rd year attending and I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to see all my dear teacher friends from across the country and from Canada :) It's going to be so much fun and the presenters are AWESOME this year as always! In the meantime, I will be attending Dr. Jean Feldman's 2 day workshop this week in Nashville. I love Dr. Jean!!! She is such an inspiration to me! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! It's going way too fast so enjoy time with your family and friends as much as possible. Blessings to all!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

End of Year and my niece is going to be a Kindergarten teacher! :)

I am so excited to make this post! We finished up school on May 22. I can honestly say I had one of the best years ever teaching. Note: I always have the best class. :) I just feel that this year I did a better job teaching than I ever had before. Maybe it was the common core standards that made me dig deeper to accurately teach them (I still have much room for improvement I assure you) and maybe it was the smaller class size but I really feel that I was able to help my students grow more this year than I have been able to in the past. It makes me wish I could get all my sweeties back from previous years and teach them the way I am and the way teaching is being done now.

We don't have a formal Kindergarten graduation at our school but I think it's something we might want to look into. When I first started teaching many many years ago, we did have a Kindergarten graduation ceremony and it was always so sweet! On our last day of school, we had a party and then I presented each student with a diploma and their memory book. I also shared with the parents about how hard their children had worked this year and what a wonderful year it had been.

This past Tuesday-Friday my oldest daughter- Kara, my youngest daughter-Kali, Kali's best friend Faith and myself went down and stayed at Pensacola for a little fun in the sun time! We went there in the fall and stayed at Navy Lodge on the navy base there. We loved it so much we are going back this fall break. The last few weeks of school I just got an itching to go to the beach for a few days so we were able to get a room there (only because they had a cancellation) and so me and the girls took off. We didn't even ask the boys-haha! Marty and Kirk are planning a boys only trip to Atlanta later this summer so their time is coming.

I have several inservice days and other conferences this summer that I am attending-some are mandatory and many are optional but either way I always gain useful information that I can take back to my classroom. It's all about attitude. :) 

So my big news is that my oldest niece got hired today to teach Kindergarten at a little town about 10 miles from here. We are beyond excited! Emma just graduated in May from college and already has a teaching job-woo hoo!!! I almost feel like Kim Adsit and Megan Merrell from :) I pray that like me she will always consider it a blessing and a gift to be a Kindergarten teacher.

Last week, this week and one week in July are the only weeks that I don't have something on my calendar related to school so I am wishing all of you a wonderful summer and a much deserved summer break!!!