Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall break-Disney style :)

So we just returned today from our fall break trip to Disneyworld. Fun times! The only thing that would of made it better was if Kirk had been with us. He only got 2 days off for fall break and so it was best he not go this time around. He went last spring with a friend and her family and of course we are still keeping our fingers crossed that he gets a call from Disney soon offering him a spot in their Disney college program. We left last Friday and started the drive down. We stayed in Dothan, Alabama and after the first hotel not working out for reasons I don't care to explain-yikes! We got in  a room about midnight that night and then drove into Orlando Saturday afternoon. We stay at the Shades of Green when we go as it is the military resort there. It is on Disney grounds (across from the Polynesian resort) and we get all of the benefits that Disney guests do plus the savings is more than half on our accommodations and ticket prices. I am so thankful that Disney continues to honor and show their appreciation to our military and their families. There is no way that we would have been able to take our family there for vacay as often as we have been able to if not for the military discounts. I am by no means a Disney expert but please hear me when I say this- DO NOT take young children to Disney expecting it to be the most magical time ever. I see more children having melt downs there than I do with happy faces. This is no joke. There is a time for everything and unless you take an infant because you have older children and no one to keep the baby for you then don't do it. It is simply too much for toddlers and young children. The first time we went Kirk was 5 and  Kara had just turned 4. They made it fairly well but by the last day Kara was wiped out. I can't imagine taking them any younger than that. It is just so much to take in, crowds of people and even in October it was hot! I felt so sorry for the little ones who were having breakdowns and their parents were fussing at them. Oh well that's just my input for what it's worth. On another note, I've heard that the Disney cruise is the best cruise out there and it might be a better option for small children as you have all the benefits of seeing the Disney characters but not dealing with the crowds at the park.
While in Orlando, we met my cousin  Elizabeth and her husband Phil for lunch one day and I also visited with Deanna Jump and her sweet daughter and son in law.  Do you know what I love the most and appreciate the most about Deanna?- she's as genuine as they come. She truly inspires me to not only be a better teacher but to be a better person all together. I just love her to pieces and she has the sweetest family!!!! So thankful for her and all the special teacher friends I have made through SDE conferences.:) so we did a 4 day park hopper and hop around we did. Usually 3 parks a day. We also did the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and I highly recommend it for anyone going during fall break. It was a great way to ride some rides that normally had ridiculous wait times in the Magic Kingdom. We started the drive home late yesterday and made it to Atlanta for the night. I refuse to go through Atlanta unless during the night time hours and even at that it makes me a nervous wreck!!! I am thankful to live in my small town. We made it home this afternoon so as you guessed I'm busy washing clothes.:) Kara and Kali took off to the high school football game, Kirk is with friends, Marty is at guard drill and me and my girls-Molly and Mindy have the house to ourselves.
I really did miss my sweeties in my class while off for fall break this week. I am thankful for the break and rejuvenated to see them again on Monday. I have grown so attached to them already and I'm so proud of their hard work and progress thus far.
Hope you and yours are doing well and I hope you live in a place where you get to enjoy the change in seasons with cooler temps and the changing of the leaves. Absolutely beautiful!