Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer 2014

Today is it!!!! The last day of summer vacation for me!!! Yikes!!! Where did summer go?
I have inservice tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. On Friday, we are going to Fort Campbell to get some things Marty needs for guard and Kara has scheduled a tour of Austin Peay for that afternoon. :)
Kali had a wonderful week at church camp!! The first day of camp the electricity went out due to a thunderstorm and they got to experience real camping.:)
The boys were blessed with the mission trip to Jamaica and came back with lots to share. I hope they will be able to go back next summer as it was mentioned several times how good it was to have some men on the mission trip.
Yesterday I took Kara to Camp Clements for the FBLA state officer meeting. Kirk will go and pick her up tomorrow. I have inservice and I don't think they would excuse me from it to go and pick her up.:)
I am excited to meet my new sweeties for this year!!!! We are going to have a wonderful year!!!!
Thanks to all of you who asked about me and prayed for me during all my doctor appts. this summer. It seems that ulcers are the culprit of my problems. For now, they want me to go in every 3 months to check my blood counts and see if I can get my blood built back up. Of course there is a long list of food and drinks to avoid-basically EVERYTHING good.:) I can do this!!!!!
Looking back on the summer, I don't think I can say that I accomplished a lot. I didn't get all my projects done around the house that I wanted to but oh well there's always next summer.. I spent most of the summer making sure kids got to where they needed to be and we had several fun day trips and a few trips to Nashville for overnight stays. I didn't get caught up on my scrap booking.:( maybe I'll do that Christmas break.:) We will take a family vacay during fall break as that seems to be a good time for us to get away together. As fast the summer went, I know the school year will go almost as fast so I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.
Here's wishing all my teacher friends the BEST year ever!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Summer is flying by!!! Kara attended the National FBLA conference that Tennessee hosted at the Opryland Hotel June 28-July3. Kali and I went up and spent two nights there and got to see the opening ceremony. It was very impressive with 10,000 plus FBLA members from across the nation!!! Our hotel room had a balcony that opened up for a beautiful view of the Cascades waterfall. It was very relaxing to watch the falls and hear them.:)
Marty and Kirk are in Jamaica on a mission trip with our church. We have been able to Facebook just a little. They are spending a lot of time working at an orphanage and playing with the children. This was Marty's first time to go on a mission trip and I've lost count of how many Kirk has been on. Kara was sad she didn't go this year but June was a very busy month for her and she had several trips then.
I spent most of this week staying busy so I wouldn't dwell on the thoughts of not being at I TEACH K!!! It was the first summer since 2011 that I had not been. I enjoyed the pics though that everyone posted on Facebook so I felt like I was still a part of it.:)
Kali leaves for church camp tomorrow until Saturday. She is excited to get there!!! The boys won't be home until late Wednesday night so Kara and I will have a little time alone. I go back for more tests since week. The last tests still did not show why or where I am losing blood so this week I will have some more and hope to get some answers.
Just a few more weeks until school starts so we are enjoying every moment of summer break until then!!!!