Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Monday down...

Woo hoo!
Another Monday in the books!!!! I have really seen in the last week how much the students are catching on to our schedule and our academic skills. They are also doing better with their listening and behavioral skills. :)
Kirk had his phone interview with Disney last week and felt good about it. Now we play the waiting game!!!
Kara had such a fun week with football homecoming activities. She worked so hard on AB club activities ALL week long and lost a lot of sleep. She was a nominee for Miss HHS which is an honor in itself and even though she didn't receive the title she is my Miss HHS. :)
Marty and I left right after the pep rally on the square and took her to Camp Clements in Doyle, TN for her TN FBLA fall retreat. Marty and I stopped and spent the night in Smyrna on way back to break up the drive.
Kali enjoyed all the homecoming fun (as much as she could as a middle school student):) she got to ride in the parade since Marty was driving a truck in it. She's a lucky gal to have been able to reap the benefits of having an older brother and sister.:)
I love my students!!! They bring me so much joy!!! Loving this school year with them.:)
After all my attempts at entering giveaways,I finally WON one! Woo hoo! I won a gift card @creativeteachingpress and I won a camera bag from jototes!!! Check their websites out below!!

Have a great rest of the week!!!