Saturday, March 21, 2015

February and March

So we moved Kirk into Disney College program the last weekend of January. He was apprehensive with such a big change but was fine once he got settled in. We were very pleased with his apartment and he and his roommates get along well. It is a gated apartment complex that is only for the Disney college students. He worked about 6 weeks at Magic Kingdom at some of the shops on Main Street. He works in merchandising/retail. His assignment is at Blizzard Beach but it was under renovation during February and the first of this month so he moved there last week. He loved magic kingdom but likes the slower pace at Blizzard beach. He says everybody at Magic Kingdom is on a mission to get to their next meet and greet, a ride, a show, etc. At Blizzard beach they come SPECIFICALLY for a day of relaxation while visiting WDW. :) we are going to WDW in May-me, my mom, Kara and Kali- so Kara is especially excited to go since the last time we did the blizzard beach day was when she was little and she couldn't do the BIG water slides. Kali was just 8 months old so she has no recollection whatsoever. I'll just enjoy relaxing by the water that day.:) I am so happy for Kirk and even though I miss seeing him I am at peace knowing he is in a safe place and is busy with work at the most magical place on Earth!

Kara found out yesterday that she has been accepted into Adventures in Mission program for a 2 week mission trip to Puerto Rico this summer.  She had applied for it and after an online application, several phone interviews, and lots of prayer she was notified yesterday that she had been accepted. :) I am so thankful for her sweet spirit and heart for missions. Please keep her in your prayers in the following months as she prepares for high school graduation, her last FBLA state conference as state Vice President, and her missions trip this summer.

Kali seems to have changed and matured a lot in the last few months. She is turning into a little lady. She is as tall as I am and she and Kara can share clothes.:) It's hard to believe she will soon be a teenager and in Jr. High.

My Kindergarten kiddos are doing great! We are gearing up for Easter/Spring activities!:) I have a student teacher this semester,Mrs. Chelsea Brown and we just love her! She observed with me in the fall of 2013 and I knew she would be a phenomenal student teacher and teacher.😄 I forgot how wonderful it is to have another adult in the room and another set of hands!!!! So nice!!!!

If you are not familiar with Sandy Welch and her show and tell aprons check her out on TPT. She is in process of restocking so if they are not listed just be patient. I use her aprons EVERYDAY to highlight our focus skills and popcorn words. She has even made me some one of a kind seasonal aprons😍.  Of course, I can't imagine a day without Dr. Jean, Shari Sloane, Jack Hartmann, Debbie Clement and Kathy Griffin in my classroom with their songs and ideas! I also use lots of Deanna Jump, Kim Adsit. Alessia Albanese and Fran Kramer ideas in my classroom. The best part is that I can call them all friends! Hope to get a chance to visit with some of them this summer!

Happy spring and Happy Easter!