Monday, January 21, 2013

krazy4K: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

krazy4K: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.: I hope everyone has enjoyed this special holiday and took time to remember Martin Luther King Jr. We talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and...

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this special holiday and took time to remember Martin Luther King Jr. We talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to our country on Friday. I read the students some books about him and we watched a little picture book on video. We wrote about what our dream would be. I also told them about how I wasn't born until June of 1968 and that he was killed in April of that year before I was born. My daddy was in the National Guard and he along with my father in law and others in our local guard units sent their soldiers to Memphis to help maintain peace immediately after the shooting. There were riots and it was a very serious situation. We live in Huntingdon, TN which is about 100 miles from Memphis and the students have heard of Memphis even if they have not been there. 
After discussing all the good things that Martin Luther King Jr. did and stood for and how he was shot and killed, one little boy came up to me and buried his head in my side and started crying. He said "Martin Luther King was such a good man. I wish they didn't shoot him." What a precious thing for a little one to think and say. 
My new blog design is in the final stages. I previewed some of the graphics and they are so CUTE!!!
Tara West, one of the bloggers I follow, of is running a sale on her tpt products until midnight tonight. She and her hubby took a weekend trip to Viva Las Vegas so her sale is in honor of her getaway. :) I met Tara at Vegas this past summer and even though we didn't get to spend a lot of time together I clicked with her. I also really like her creations for the classroom. Go over to tpt and check them out!
We did get out of school this past Tuesday at lunch and all day on Wednesday for some icy conditions. Not the snow that we wanted but oh well we still have time for that!
I hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I can't believe it - I got a shout out from my dear and sweet friend Alessia on her blog! yea-i'm so excited! With that being said, I must let everyone know who is  reading my blog for the first time that I should have my new and much improved blog design up in a few weeks. I have some sweet ladies working on it and they are swamped with requests right now. Be sure and follow me so that you'll be the first to know and see when the new blog design is published. I'm so excited about it!!!!
Speaking of Alessia be sure and check out her products on tpt in addition to her blog. She has some awesome units as I've mentioned before.
We (me, my students, my own 3 kiddos and all my fellow teachers) are hoping to get some snow soon! Last winter, we didn't get hardly any snow-not enough to get out and play in. We are hoping this will be the year for it. :) Right now we are dealing with a flood watch as it started raining in the night and hasn't let up hardly any today. The temperatures are supposed to drop down into the 20's tonight so who knows- will it change into snow, will all the rain we've had freeze, or if the rain doesn't stop will we have flooding conditions? I'll let you know in my next post. Have a great week!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things...

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's back to school we go!  Christmas break is over and we  headed back to school today. This year we got out later than usual not until Dec. 20 but have had a longer break at the end so I must admit I have enjoyed having this week out after New Year's Day and I actually feel like I had a break and didn't mind getting back into the swing of things as much as I thought I would. I have to admit though that it's hard to start getting up early again when you've grown accustomed to staying up late and sleeping later in the mornings. :)
I had a "dressy" outfit laid out for this morning but after taking the dogs out and realizing how cold it was I decided khaki pants and a Mustang sweatshirt were a better choice for this Monday! I'm thankful that our principal doesn't require us to be "dressed up" fancy everyday as many times I am down in the floor working with the students or since sometimes they use me as a kleenex. :)
It was good to see the students again after the Christmas break. We got a lot accomplished which is good because I dreamed twice over Christmas break about school and in one of my dreams I started crying because I didn't feel like I had covered everything that I needed to. Funny thing is I always reflect and wonder and wish I'd done something else or more. At least I know I did the best I could.
So today went off well and I was able to get some new centers up and running and get some one on one assessments done for report cards that go home Friday. The kids adjusted fine to being back at school. One little boy cried towards the end of the day and said he wanted his momma. I told him I wanted my momma to but his mom and my mom were at work and they couldn't come pick us up. :) He stopped crying after that. :) He says this most days so it wasn't a surprise for him to cry and say it. Other than that the day went off without a hitch. I was contacted by the office staff to let me know I would be getting a new student tomorrow-a little girl- so say a special prayer for her and me. :)
As far as my 3 kiddos, they are doing well and survived their first day back at school. Kali actually was ready before me this morning (we'll see how long that lasts)! She's not a morning person and like Kirk is a night owl so I'm sure her true colors will shine through before the end of the week. :) Kirk started his last semester of his high school years! It's going to get busy now with plans for Great Pretenders(fundraiser for senior class) in February, FBLA State conference in April that he'll be presiding over, and then plans for graduation. He has decided on University of Memphis for college and once he decided for sure on that he said that was a load lifted off of him. Kara who started 2nd semester of sophomore year is also busy with plans for FBLA this spring as she will be running for Regional Officer. 
Thank you for reading my blog! I know it's simply a journal of my life as a teacher, mother and wife but I enjoy being able to share with my followers my life and being krazy4K. :) I always kept a diary as a preteen and teenager but stopped shortly after marriage. I feel that this is a way for me to journal and if nothing else to look back on one day and say remember when for me and my family. May you and yours enjoy a blessed and happy 2013!