Sunday, April 28, 2013


The TCAP test (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program) is over! Kindergarten took it again this year for the first time in 4 years-it is not mandated for K so we were able to get by with a break for a few years. For fear of saying something I might regret, I will just say that I'm glad it's over and so are my kids.:) In their words, they said "it was boring." We are ready to get back to our usual daily schedule of activities and lessons. We only have 3 full weeks of school left so in between getting all of our lessons done I will also need to check the students for mastery of all the K standards. I also need to get their scrapbooks done so it is definitely going to be a busy time as always.
Kirk has been in California this past week with DECA national competitions. He was able to attend by placing first at the state competition earlier this year. He has also managed to have fun this week by visiting Disneyland and other CA landmarks. :) He graduates high school May 19-3 weeks from today...which means we have lots of activities to help/host in the coming weeks.
Kara has been busy with school, cross country training and babysitting. She has also been busy planning and saving money for a trip that she and Kirk will make back to California in June for FBLA nationals.
Kali also finished tcaps this week for 4th grade and she is also glad it's behind her for another year. :)
My cousin, Lesa, passed away last Sunday from brain cancer. She was diagnosed in October 2012 and fought a good fight. She leaves behind a precious family and a testament of faith that we should all strive for. I have been blessed to be able to spend time with her 1 1/2 year old grandson and 3 month old granddaughter for the last couple of weeks. I hope to be able to share in their lives for many years to come as we hold them and all their family dear to our hearts.
There is an awesome giveaway at for a trip to I Teach K! this summer. You can enter it but I sure hope I win since I've paid my own way to it these past two summers and I would love to be able to go for free this summer! :)
Have a great and blessed Sunday!  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally and Count Your Blessings

I have been telling myself over and over many times in the past month that I needed to blog so Finally I have sat down to do it. Spring break was the last week of March and it was cold (snowed a little but not enough to play in) and then cloudy. It was nice though to have some time off. Since then, we have been busy reviewing all the skills we have worked on in Math and working on Unit 6 skills in Reading. We are also preparing for the TCAP test April 22-26. I think the worst part for me is having to cover everything up in the classroom. I will do that one night next week. I don't want to do it too soon because it makes the room look drab but I want to do it soon enough that the kids get used to it.
This past Friday-Wednesday our family was in Chattanooga for the Tennessee Future Business Leaders of America state conference. Our son, Kirk, is the state president so he presided over all the ceremonies as well as many behind the scene activities. Kara our oldest daughter is also an FBLA member and was inducted as the Region 2 President. There were 1900 FBLA members and advisors from across the state in attendance. We took Kali out of school as it is a good learning experience for her and of course according to her it just wouldn't be fair to not take her. :) We were able to visit Ruby Falls, Rock City and the Aquarium over the weekend before the sessions got started on Monday. We returned late on Wednesday and then got back to school yesterday. Ms. Raeleen, our wonderful Kindergarten computer lab teacher, was my sub and she did a great job keeping my students on schedule with their lessons while I was out. We were studying about plants this week and she even planted flowers with them! I Love Her!
Kirk is extremely busy with Senior activities and trips. I can't even name them all. He went to Africa over Spring Break on a mission trip and had a wonderful, memorable trip. Kara has decided to join the cross country track team so she has been busy getting in shape and she and Marty are enjoying running together whenever they can.
Before we know it summer break will be here and we will wonder where the time went. I have really had a great year with my class and I have grown to love them so as I always do each year.
These past couple of days I've had the blessing to spend some time with two sweet little children while their mom spends time with her mother who has been battling cancer since October and this past Wednesday had a stroke. They are cousins to us and very special to us! It is now just a matter of time until she meets Jesus face to face. So happy for her but so sad for family. Keep this family in your prayers, Count Your Blessings and treasure the moments we have here on this Earth with our family and friends.