Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Even I have a hard time keeping up with our schedules and finally hoping to start feeling better!!!!

I figure the best way for me to keep up with all the comings and goings of my family this summer is to blog about it so it's written down as a journal. Marty and Kirk had a fun week in Washington, D.C. the third week of May. Marty was on a business trip and since I was still in school Kirk got to be his guest. They flew back on a Sunday and that same day I took Kara to Girls State at Lipscomb University in Nashville,Tn. That following Wednesday I took Kirk back to the airport at Nashville to fly out to New Mexico for their state HOBY conference. He had been asked to come by one of their advisors because they had met him at the TN HOBY conference last year and wanted him to help them with getting their state conference up and going. I went back that Saturday for Kara's closing ceremony at girls state. We spent a few minutes together in the van while I drove her straight to Mt. Juliet for TNFBLA state officers meeting. Her advisor brought her home on Sunday night. I picked up Kirk the next Monday at the airport and took Kara back the following day on Tuesday for her to fly out to Europe. She returned a week ago this past Thursday. Since Marty had been at his guard two week annual training at Nashville, Kali and I went up on Wednesday and stayed with Marty that night and Thursday night after we picked up Kara. He gets to stay in a hotel room so we bunked up with him.:) So other than some weekend trips, Marty and Kirk's mission trip to Jamaica with our church and Kali's church camp,things have settled down just a little bit for the rest of the summer.
Marty, Kali and I even managed to squeeze in a few nights camping while Kirk and Kara were away. We enjoyed hanging out by the fire at night, watching movies and going down to the lodge to swim and tan.
Marty will be home Saturday night from his two week camp plus his June drill and we are ready to have him home!!!!
As for me, well I've enjoyed taking my time and sipping on my coffee every morning, doing some reading, and lounging at the pool or lake. After dealing with some physically related problems on and off for the last couple of years that intensified in the last couple of months, I am in the process of getting some tests and procedures done to figure out what is causing me to have these issues plus find out why my blood count is so low. After looking at my CBC count which was so low that it was almost on the count of where they start requesting a blood transfusion,the doctor and nurse both questioned me as to how I had any energy at all and if I had been tired which I replied of course I'm exhausted but I just thought it was because I was a Kindergarten teacher and I've felt this way for so long that it has become normal to me. They've just got to figure out why I'm losing blood and how plus check into some other medical issues. I feel a little liberated now to know that it's not normal and that there is more to my exhaustion than just my work. Looking forward to getting some answers soon and hopefully starting to feel better!!!!:)
I am sad that I won't be attending the I TEACH K!!! conference this summer at Vegas but I needed to be home this summer and it worked out for the best since the kiddos and Marty had several trips planned. Hoping to get back next year and see all my friends especially my sweet friend Alessia Albanese!!! I have met so many wonderful friends through the national and state conferences. They know who they are and are very dear to me!!!
Hope all of you are having a GREAT summer!!!