Sunday, October 20, 2013

Can we hit a rewind button and then the pause button? :)

What a wonderful fall break!!! Why did it have to go so fast? Marty, Kara, Kali and myself went down to Pensacola and stayed at the Naval Base there from Sat. until Thursday. Kirk only got 2 days out for fall break and he opted not to go with us. We love the beach there because it is on the base and it is always so clean and we always meet the nicest and neatest people there.We enjoyed relaxing on the beach, eating some delicious seafood, going to the Tanger Outlet mall, touring one of our favorite spots-the Pensacola Lighthouse, watching some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and of course watching the jets fly by!!! Love the sound of them-makes me think I'm back to the movie of Top Gun! lol! While at the beach, I was able to just be in tune with God and his awesome creations. I have been blessed in many ways and among those I count you my blog readers and friends so many of you which are teachers and inspire me so much! I can never thank you enough for the inspiration you are to me. Anyway, wish in some ways we could rewind to a week ago and I could be back to the beach but the show must go on. :)
Now, we've got a busy few weeks ahead of us. We will celebrate the 50th day of school on Tuesday. This should be tons of fun!!! Can't wait to see the kids dressed up!!! We will rock around the clock all day long.
The following week will be a field trip to see a play at our local theatre, our fall festival and our Halloween parties complete with costume parade. Glad it's on a Thursday! Then comes November and Thanksgiving activities. Whew! This first semester is flying by.
We ended up our week with a sleepover last night with sweet Annalesa, Nothing like snuggling with a sweet baby to calm your soul!!!
I am attaching a few pics from our vacay. Wish I could have taken you all to the beach with us but have no worries I soaked up enough rays for all of you!
God Bless!!!
the jellyfish were all on the shoreline when we arrived Saturday 


me and my hubby of almost 20 years and I'm sporting my Katy's Krew tshirt! Praying for sweet Katy Wilson Bybee and her family as she battles cancer! 

Kali absolutely loves the Pensacola Lighthouse. It is supposedly haunted and an episode of Ghost Hunters was filmed there several years back. We met this couple who the Navy put up at the lighthouse in 1985 for the night. The house at the lighthouse was actually used as lodging at one time. This couple said they stayed no longer than an hour and then left. They could both hear people talking, doors opening and doors shutting and they were the only two people there! They were supposedly some of the last people to ever stay there or at least supposed to have stayed~! They said they come back and walk their dogs there along the beach but have NEVER been back in the house since that night in 1985. :) Kali loved meeting them!!!
                                                                     Our beautiful girls!!!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2 more days!

2 more days but who's counting? :) me that's who!!! Can we say Fall Break?!!! Woo hoo!!! This is just our 2nd year to get a Fall Break but God always has perfect timing and this break is much needed by teachers and students.
It has been a busy 2 weeks since I last posted and my sweeties are moving along. We are enjoying getting ready for Halloween and reading lots of books related to fall, pumpkins and Halloween. After fall break, we will just have a little over a week before we get to celebrate our Fall Festival and our fall parties! We also get a field trip in there to so lots of exciting times are coming our way!
My 3 K's are all doing well and as busy as ever. Their schoolwork and extra curricular activities keep them pretty busy.
We enjoyed celebrating Elijah Tate's 2nd birthday with all his family this past weekend! We all missed Lesa, his Nana, being there with us but I know she was watching over us and enjoying watching everyone having a fun time and loving on Elijah and his sissy.  :)
Well this Towater girl will soon have her toes in the water relaxing with my hubby and girls on some beach somewhere! I hope you and yours enjoy all the simple pleasures that fall and each day has to offer surrounded by the love of God, your family and friends!