Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hello! It's Me!!! Yes, I have thought of sitting down and writing a post many times but yikes where does the time go!!! Seriously,we have welcomed in a New Year, celebrated Valentine's, 100th day of school, Read Across America week and St. Patrick's Day!!! We also had a WHOLE week off for a surprise March ice/snow. Luckily, we will still get to enjoy 3 days off next week for a shortened but much anticipated spring break. Hoping for some nice warmer weather-the campground is calling our name!!!
Kirk is loving Lambuth-my college alma mater or should I say he's enjoying the friendships he is making there. :) I can't say that college courses are his favorite although he continues to do well academically. Kara is moving right along in her junior year of high school. She has stayed busy as region 2 FBLA president, student council vp, class officer, AB officer, babysitting, nursery worker at church, church activities and the list goes on... She has been busy helping plan the Junior/Senior prom which is April 17th (her 17th birthday!!!) 😄We have the dress, the shoes, the hairpiece, etc.:) We have scheduled her senior picture sitting in June. Hard to believe she's winding up her high school years.😳 Kali has been spending every MINUTE possible practicing basketball. She says she is trying out for the middle school team. I'll let you know how that goes...:)
My class has had a productive semester so far and I really feel that they have made great strides in their learning. I really hope when testing time rolls around whether TCAP or AIMSWEB that the numbers and data show it. I know the progress they have made but not sure how things will play out when testing day rolls around... I think this is a worry/concern that all teachers have now. Sad but true. Time is running out and this school year like all the others will soon be a memory. I love my students and can honestly say without a doubt that they are all very kindhearted sweet boys and girls and are well behaved. In the grand scheme of things, that counts for ALOT whether a test shows it or not.
God bless you and yours!!!